History of the Union Grove Volunteer Fire Department

In early 1964 the members of the Union Grove community gathered at Union Grove School to discuss the need for a fire station. At the close of the meeting some of the community members standing outside noticed a orange glow just northeast of the school. Some of the members went to investigate and found that a mill building was on fire. This was the deciding factor that the community needed a local fire station. On Friday, May 15, 1964 a charter was written and signed and the Union Grove Volunteer Fire Department was established. The initial department consisted of a small building with two truck bays. The building was built by the founding members of the department using money and material donations. 

The initial firefighters trained with the neighboring Harmony Volunteer Fire Department as well as Central School Volunteer Fire Department. They trained on their equipment so they would be qualified and ready to fight fire and serve the community once the trucks arrived.

The first apparatus was a 1965 American LaFrance on a Ford 750 chassis. On board was a state of the art two stage 750 gallon gpm pump with a 500 gallon tank. The department also purchased a 1966 F600 and local welders built a 1200 gallon tank, this would become the department's tanker.

As the years have passed by the department apparatus and members have grew and changed. In 2010 the department officers and board members begun talking about building a new station and expanding. The original station property was too small to accommodate the needs of the new facility. Chief Nolan Shumaker and the board members were able to purchase close to 10 acres of land a half mile west of the original station.

Additional department history to come...